Projects under development

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Project Author(s) Year of funding
Pandemic Tail Risk Lorenzo Schönleber, Matthijs Breugem, Roberto Marfe and Raffaele Corvino 2021
Institutional Corporate Bond Demand Lorenzo Bretscher, Lukas Schmid, Ishita Sen and Varun Sharma 2021
Bundle Up – The Winter of MiFID ii Discontent Juan-Pedro Gómez and Richard Evans 2021
ESG Integration Across Funds and Debiasing Data Jillian Grennan and Roni Michaely 2021
The Term Structure and Cross-section of Cash Flow Risk Davide Pettenuzzo and Riccardo Sabbatucci 2020
Inflation and Investors’ Behavior: Evidence from the German Hyperinflation Nic Schaub, Fabio Braggion and Felix von Meyerinck 2020
Benchmarking Power Lennart Dekker, Frank de Jong and Jasmin Gider 2020
Choosing Investment Managers Amit Goyal, Sunil Wahal and M. Deniz Yavuz 2020
Climate Change and Long-Horizon Portfolio Choice: Combining Theory and Empirics Mathijs Cosemans, Mathijs van Dijk and Xander Hut 2020
Uncertainty Shocks and Personal Investment: Evidence from a Global Brokerage Shimon Kogan, Rawley Z. Heimer and Nancy R. Xu 2020
Pooled and segregated vehicles in asset management Howard Jones, Jose Vicente Martinez and Alexander Montag 2020
Biased Beliefs About the Stock Market and Behavior: Evidence from a Filed Experiment Johannes Wohlfart, Christine Laudenbach and Annika Weber 2019
Securities Lending in Corporate Bond Funds: Liquidity Provision or Increased Fragility Melissa Porras Prado, Martijn Boons and Giorgio Ottonello 2019