A sponsor must be a corporation, partnership or other organization involved in a recognized branch of finance. The membership of Inquire Europe consists of a broad range of banks, traders, consulting firms, insurance companies, investment advisors, independent money managers and pension funds. Each sponsor must first be approved by the Board and a majority of the current sponsors in order join Inquire Europe.


Membership Benefits

  • To collectively explore common problems in financial analysis in a collaborative environment; to explore new areas of analysis which have direct applicability to the investment proces
  • To discuss these new investment concepts and applications with other senior investment professionals
  • To avoid duplication of research and avoiding research that has already not proven fruitful to others
  • To assure that your organization maintains  its position as an industry leader in security analysis and investment management; to be at the cutting edge in developments within the quantitative investment field

  • To maintain a working knowledge of completed academic research at universities. Some of these academic concepts will have valuable application within the investment decision making process
  • To participate in seminars and other programs of the Group (i.e. Inquire United Kingdom and CQA)


Guest invitation

Those organizations that meet the criteria for membership will be invited to attend an upcoming seminar as a guest of the organization. Invited guests are responsible only for their own transportation and accommodation.



During the initial stages of  membership, questions regarding the membership or membership registrations should be addressed to Monique Sturmans (telephone number +31 6 201 38 022 or or Andreas Sauer, Chairman of the Membership Committee (telephone number +49 6251 85693-0 or e-mail: