Membership fee


The annual fee for Inquire sponsorship is:

  • € 5.000 for a one seat membership
  • € 7.500 for a two seat membership
  • € 10.000 for a three seat membership

In addition to paying the annual dues, each sponsor must be a corporation, partnership or other organization involved in a recognized branch of finance. The membership of Inquire Europe consist of a broad range of banks, stock brokers, consulting firms, insurance companies, investment advisors, independent money managers and pension funds. Approval of new sponsors must be by a majority vote of the current sponsors of Inquire Europe.

The yearly sponsorship fees is utilized in three ways:

  1. to pay the costs of seminars
  2. to pay research costs authorized by the Research Committee
  3. to support the ongoing administrative costs of the Organization.

Annual Membership fees are billed in November of each year.