Wednesday 31 March 2021

Speaker Testimonial

This month, Ludovic Phalippou will appear as an Inquire Europe speaker for the sixth time. What keeps him coming back? 


The first time the Professor of Financial Economics (University of Oxford Said Business School) collaborated with the organisation as a speaker was in 2003. 

He explains what makes Inquire Europe seminars unique:
Somehow they manage to attract wonderful individuals. The academic speakers are first class, but that’s bot unique to Inquire. What is unique is the set of practitioners and sponsors that it brings together; these individuals have genuine interest in understanding the goals of academics and learning from them. They are also instrumental in helping researchers carry out their work. On a more personal note, as I share my life between France, The Netherlands and the UK, I overlap a lot with the typical member ‘type.’ 

What are your most memorable seminar experiences? 

My first time, more than 15 years ago in Barcelona. It was magical and it was my first conference ever. The presentation was so well received I got a direct fly-out (i.e. short list / skip interview stage) on my forthcoming job market at a top university in the US. The setting, the people, the feedback, the social activity was truly all magical.

Join Professor Phalippou's upcoming keynote presentation on 13 April:

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