Sunday 15 December 2019

Inquire UK Practitioner Seminar

Business School Meetings Inquire UK

On 28th January 2020 Inquire UK's practioners Seminar will be hosted by Goldman Sachs at their offices in the City of London. Inquire UK has 5 seats available for Inquire Europe members. 

It is being hosted by Goldman Sachs in their offices at 120 Fleetstreet, London.

We will be hearing from representatives from FTSE, Goldman Sachs, Invesco, MSCI, Schroders and UBS along with Deka and Quoniam. The topics covered will include enhancing portfolio construction with news related sentiment; machine learning approaches to stock selection; factor-based approaches to credit and currency investing; size exposure and factor tilts. Further details can be found in the attached programme.

Click here to download the program of this pracitioners seminar. For further information and registration details please get in touch with Monique Sturmans