Monday 10 December 2018

Inquire UK Practitioner Seminar

Business School Meetings Inquire UK

On 23th January 2019 Inquire UK's practioners Seminar will be hosted by Goldman Sachs at their offices in the City of London. Inquire UK has 5 seats available for Inquire Europe members. 

It is being hosted by Goldman Sachs in their offices at 120 Fleetstreet, London.

In the morning we focus on the discipline of Multifactor Strategies with Nick Baltas at Goldman Sachs, Harald Lohre at Invesco, Giuliano de Rossi and Riccardo Borghi at Macquarie presenting. All will present their recent research on multifactor strategies.

In the afternoon we have four speakers. During the first afternoon session we focus on Factor Investing in the Corporate Bond Market with presentations from Hitendra Varsani at MSCI and Demir Bektić at Deka. Following the afternoon break we have a talk on Hedge Funds from Anmar Al Wakil at Natixis, then finally turning to ESG Investingfrom Anthony Renshaw at Axioma.


Click here to download the program of this pracitioners seminar. For further information and registration details please get in touch with Monique Sturmans