Thursday 16 May 2019

14th Business School Meeting INQUIRE UK Seminar

Business School Meetings Inquire UK

University College London will be hosting the 14th Inquire UK business school meeting, on Monday 10 June 2019. Inquire UK has 5 seats available for Inquire Europe members. 

Each Inquire Europe organisation can only attend 1 INQUIRE UK seminar per year in addition to the INQUIRE Europe seminars and Joint Spring seminar of INQUIRE Europe and INQUIRE UK.

Each seminar in the business school series aims to showcase recent and current work by the hosting school, together with related work by distinguished guest speakers, and this seminar will be no exception.

Like other seminars in the series, it will give practitioners a privileged opportunity to get close to research and researchers, and for them to get practical feedback from the real world.

Partnering with the computer science department at UCL for this event provides the opportunity to hear from strong scientists, bringing innovation and in-depth research in a field where it is essential to distinguish between genuine results and empty claims. They will share how their research can be applied to finance and investment management. 

In particular we will have presentations on Machine Learning and NLP methods applied to Investment Management by experts such as Tomaso Aste (UCL), Stephen Roberts (Oxford University), Nick Firoozye (UCL/ExodusPoint), Tim Nugent (Refinitiv), Jan Witte (UCL) and further thought on how to take climate risk into account by Stefano Battiston (University of Zurich). 

Presentations will be complemented by a Young Quant Event, giving us the opportunity to listen to fresh ideas from students on new investment models, strategy, data source, and applying machine learning techniques in an innovative way. In this new initiative Inquire seeks to bring new emerging talent in contact with Inquire and its sponsor firms.

Click here for the complete program. 

For further information and registration details please get in touch with Monique Sturmans